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Tree Falls Productions

Performances (theatre, improvisation, tours, etc.):


Stacy Ballis, Sleeping Over
C. Joseph Bendy, Ordinary Miracles
John Hospodka, South Side Trilogy
Roy Schreiber, Abroad With Innocence: Taking U.S. Students to London

Dance and Movement:

Beserra Dance Theatre
Danztheatre Ensemble
The 58 Group
Fivestar Boogie
Links Hall
R&D Choreography
Striding Lion InterArts Workshop

Festivals and Special Projects:

Chicago Family Theatre Network
DesiLit’s Kriti Festival
Drinking & Writing Festival
HotHouse, Center for International Performance and Exhibition
Joseph Jefferson Awards
Playing French Festival
Vet Art Project Chicago


Unbreakable Minds by Abbey Jack Neidik and Irene Lilienheim Angelico


Chicago Chamber Choir (also tours)
Lori McClain
Scott Montgomery
Maura Pheney