Karin McKie by Pete Stenberg

I'm Karin McKie, MFA, writer, educator and curriculum creator for 2,000+ students, kids and adults, in creative writing, critical reading, literature, ACT, SAT, AP, ISEE & GRE test prep, theater, team building, PR & marketing, also ESL and special needs learners.

"Karin is one of the most intelligent, entrepreneurial, and encouraging people I have ever met. Not only did she teach me various techniques for improving my GRE score, but she is also a cool, fun, and enjoyable person to talk to. I learned a lot when working with Karin; not only in academics, but in the 'real world' too. If you think one-on-one tutoring is most beneficial to you, I don't think you could go with a better choice than Karin McKie." - Jina B., graduate student

"Karin joined Insight Education only a few weeks before our SAT/ACT Test Prep Intensive Boot Camps were about to start. But she just came in and took a test, excelled at it, got the curriculum and conquered the class! We really didn't have to worry about anything with her in the classroom. She would always be prepared with the daily class agenda and assignments and knew exactly what she wanted from her students on each class day, for a class as well as for one-on-one tutoring. I don't think I ever remember her fumbling on a grammar concept or not being able to correctly explain anything related to SAT/ACT English to the students, and there were excellent score improvements across students on our weekly diagnostic tests. The feedback we got from students and parents was phenomenal - they loved her pedagogy!" - Purvi Ruparel

ESSAYS: "As a professional writer with an MFA in Creative Writing, Karin is well-trained and experienced to teach essay writing for college applications as well as for the classroom. She combines her passion for nonfiction writing with her business coaching skills to help each writer identify, develop and communicate compelling personal stories. She’s helpful with brainstorming ideas, editing to fit parameters, then shaping those notes and early drafts into clear and vibrant narratives. Karin is the perfect partner for generating standout essays!" TEST PREP: "Karin is an extremely outgoing and friendly individual who makes a great tutor. She has in-depth knowledge of every topic we discuss during our tutoring sessions, and is able to explain concepts in great depth so I can understand them fully. Karin helps me understand every question I may have gotten incorrect so I can apply this knowledge to future questions and problems. She makes it so fun to learn from her about ACT and SAT reading comprehension, writing and language, which I would have otherwise found boring and too much work. With her, I feel motivated to keep working on questions and problems so I can apply the advice she has given me. Her tips and tricks are unlike anything I have learned online, from test prep books and other tutoring services, and was able to greatly improve my score. She makes it fun to learn with her since she is such a friendly individual and eager to teach me anything I ask her. " - Tara S., ACT score increase from 26 to 33 in two months with Karin.

"I studied with Karin McKie to prepare for my GRE test. Her holistic approach to learning was a tremendous asset to test prep as well as overall reading, annotation and comprehension skills. Karin was friendly and flexible, tailoring our tutoring to areas I needed to improve while supporting my existing strengths. With good listening skills and a sense of humor, Karin framed the practice problems and drills to be directly applicable to my questions and I was able to improve my comprehension and test-taking abilities. She took the time to explain the reasoning behind answers for timed tests as well as for overall understanding. The homework she assigned – practice tests and diagnostics, reading and vocabulary activities – also enhanced my learning and retention. I received the score that was needed for my program, and helped me matriculate into the San Diego State University. I wholeheartedly recommend Karin as a passionate, thoughtful and successful tutor!" - Cade Y.

"Tutor Karin McKie was a strong advocate during my GRE test preparation. She created a flexible plan to diagnose any weaknesses and leverage my strengths. Her holistic approach and a positive, as well as generous, attitude made the sessions very effective, both personally and professionally. I recommend Karin because her techniques will carry me through the GRE and on to grad school." - Rachael E.